Survival and Emergency Kits developed with the assistance of accredited professionals and actual survivalists.


Survivor Industries is excited to announce it has joined SOS Food Lab, North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of emergency food rations, as one of several SOS manufacturing centers in the United States. This strategic partnership allows us to enhance our global capabilities and address emergency situations year-round, no matter where they happen.

Please contact Ryan Allison with any questions at or 305-594-9933.

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Our individual products and pre-designed units are preferred and used by commercial and governmental organizations worldwide.

In 1989, Survivor Industries, Inc researched and developed emergency food and water rations both manufactured under the name “ Mainstay” a new product that can be found worldwide in either bulk form, pre-designed or custom units. Mainstay Food’s worldwide acceptance has made it one of the foods ideally manufactured in bulk as pre-placement for disaster relief. Survivor Industries, Inc facilities can produce up to 20 tons of food per day and an excess of 3,000 cases of water per week. The food along with the water are highly tolerable to temperature extremes and both have a five year shelf life.

Establishing their business by manufacturing, assembling, and distributing of pre-designed or custom designed kits under one roof. , Survivor Industries provides the basic amenities necessary to sustain a quality of life for a period of time while under stress. The pre-designed support units range from a simplistic unit to a full combination for a larger group of people, supporting from one to ten people.Are you prepared for an earthquake?

Survivor Industries has evolved into a company which now has distributors and other representatives located throughout the United States and in 14 foreign countries. The scope of Survivor’s marketing ranges from individuals to governmental agencies, educational institutions, banking industries, retail outlets, and disaster relief - any environment where the human factor may be at risk.

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