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Survivor Ind.
1621 Emerson Avenue,
Oxnard, CA 93033

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Survivor Industries, Inc. has been the forerunner in the emergency preparedness field since its inception in September 1983. Its founder, Howard Wallace, began the company from his experience and expertise while working with both private and governmental agencies over a 25 year period. Survivor Industries has developed with the welcomed assistance of accredited professionals and actual survivalists. The goal is the ability to sustain individuals or groups of people who may be cut off from support services for whatever reason, and who must rely on themselves and the materials around them until outside help arrives, or until they are able to better their situation. Being partially responsible for developing the emergency response business, Survivor Industries has evolved at this time into a company with a cadre of representatives located throughout the United States and in thirteen other countries. They are unique in respect that they not only MANUFACTURE, but ASSEMBLE and MARKET their products all under one roof.

The scope of Survivor's marketing ranges from corporate safety, security, retail, premiums and incentives, promotional ad specialty, International Disaster Relief programs, along with banking, governmental and Federal agencies, and schools. The corporate offices are located at 1621 Emerson Avenue, Oxnard, Ca. 93033 USA.


Survivor Industries, Inc is the manufacturer of the MAINSTAY ready-to-eat food bars that warrantee a shelf life of 5 years as well as the MAINSTAY pre-packaged drinking water. Our MAINSTAY products are approved by State of California License Number 49996, also Kosher and Halal. As the manufacturer, we have the capability to produce in large quantities to meet our customer’s needs in a timely manner. We also assemble pre-design kits that will support from (1) person for up to three days to as many as (10) people in a group or large family. We also do custom kits to meet your requirements. Please contact us directly.

Our friendly staff is dedicated to strive for high quality products and meet excellent customer satisfaction.

Survivor Industries, Inc.

1621 Emerson Avenue
Oxnard, CA 93033

(805) 385-5560 Office

(805) 385-5574 Fax